Phoenix Producers offers debt-free products to support a debt-free economy. By not servicing any debts, we are able to offer better pricing to our customers and pay livable wages. Our goal is to control the Means of Production for our basic needs. By controlling our basic needs via ownership of housing, our food and water supply, and power production, we are not subject to the whims of ‘market prices’ or interest on debt.

Phoenix Producers recognizes the increasing wealth inequality is due to banks and corporations controlling and exploiting the basic needs of common laborers such as housing, food, education, and clothing. By making common laborers perpetually reliant on them for their needs and putting them in perpetual debt, they use this leverage to make an easy fortune by collecting interest on debt, paying wages low enough, and charging prices high enough for common laborer to just survive without ever owning anything or becoming independent of them. They have created a subscription and debt-based economy, where they own everything and the people below them own nothing.

We believe the money we earn should go into controlling and expanding the means of production, offering lower prices to our customers, paying wages that will allow laborers to stay out of debt and to become independent of us, and supporting a debt-free economy rather than enriching moneylenders who add no real value to the economy and only seek to extract wealth for themselves.

We also believe in transparent pricing models. Our goal is not to get rich, but to support a debt-free economy by running a debt-free business, employing debt-free laborers, and supporting others that do the same. We do not want to grow a large company, but we want to help common laborers break free from an economic system designed to keep them in perpetual debt and to join our debt-free economy instead.

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